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Our printing in glass is exactly that. Our process uses ceramic ink dropped on ultra-clear glass, at a rate of several million pinpricks of ink per second. The durability and detail generated is incomparable.


This technique allows you to become the artist … design anything you can imagine and print it in glass with any application you desire. Whether you simply hang it on the wall or make it a part of your wall, it’s all up to you. You can imprint any picture, creative design, or just basic patterns. We have the ability to print up to 94.5” x 144” in glass size and ¾” thickness. Using our field digitizer and top notch CNC machine we can make the glass match any existing or new space. All procedures are done within in our plant, right here in Winnipeg, MB.

The ink is tempered into the glass and will not fade, blister, or bubble. There are no seams and is virtually scratch resistant. There is no limit to the range of colors, transparency, or detail. Digital ceramic ink supports a wide range of design and LEED requirements such as energy efficiency, light scattering, and glare reduction.

The applications are endless, creating breathtaking architecture that reflects your unique vision. (check out our gallery for more samples)

Shower doors - Partitions - Stair Railings - Deck Railing - Table tops - Art work - Back Splash Sealed units - Door and Sidelite glass - and more

So Contact us .... It’s time to have your creation captured in glass today by SecuraPrint at SGP.
SGP products include:
Tempered Glass & Sealed Units - SecuraPrint - Staircases, Railings & Partitions - Commercial Aluminium Doors & Hardware - Shower Doors & hardware

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